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Morningstar Applied Physics Incorporated. (MAPI), a privately owned Limited Liability Corporation, is an R&D venture dedicated to mastering the most disruptive new technologies uncovered since the discovery of fire.  Physicists and engineers, beginning with Nikola Tesla through contemporary times have achieved extraordinary results from experiments involving high voltage electro-magnetism, but successful commercialization of these technologies and capabilities for public use has as of yet to be achieved.
MAPI is a collaboration between over a dozen seasoned scientists and engineers with the vision and the necessary extensive experience to adequately develop the latest iterations of exploiting Gravity-electro-magnetic (GEM) power generation systems potentially for commercial adaptation.

The objective of this MAPI activity is to research, develop, patent, and then commercially deploy an advanced version of the Searl Electro-Magnetic Generator (SEG). If successful, the license market alone for Industrial, Military, and even Home applications is expected to be overwhelming, and MAPI is committed to securing full value for its innovations.